Free bread from Silver Hills, and a review too

Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery, a company that specializes in organic bread made with sprouted grain instead of flour, recently gave me the opportunity to try a few samples of their bread. Their grain is sprouted in a 36 hour process from an Alberta farm run on wind energy, and all the bread is packed in biodegradable bags. Silver Hills says that the use of sprouted grain increases overall nutrition, triples the amount of fibre, and improves digestibility. It is sold within most of Canada and in parts of the United States.

For my test, I picked out a loaf each of the Squirrelly and Steady Eddie breads (I would have gotten one more type, but that was all that the grocery store had left in stock at the time). Each loaf has 5g of fibre per slice – quite a big number for a slice of bread.

Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery loaves

Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery loaves

The Squirrelly bread is made with sunflower and sesame seeds, and is a very thick, hearty bread. It reminded me quite a bit of the Cape Seed bread you can find at Cobs. The Steady Eddie is a plainer bread, but is still quite a dense loaf. It is also very lightly sweetened with apples. If I hadn’t known this already, I probably wouldn’t have been able to guess why the bread was just a touch sweet. The photo below shows slices of both loaves – the Squirrelly is on the left and the Steady Eddie is on the right.

Squirrelly and Steady Eddie

Squirrelly and Steady Eddie

While I think I prefer a less dense bread for daily eating (my usual brand is Country Harvest whole grain), I think these do make a nice change and is a great alternative if you are looking for bread with high fibre and more nutrition. I hope I see one of the other kinds in the stores soon as I’d like to give another flavour a try. They even have a gluten-free Chia bread now, but it is made in a non-dedicated facility so they do not guarantee that the bread does not have traces of gluten.

types of bread available

types of bread available

So how do you get a hold of your own free loaf to try? Well, there’s a couple of ways.

Free stuff method #1
Enter my contest! To win five coupons for free loaves and two t-shirts from Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery, simply:

1. Post a comment here. And make sure to include your e-mail address in the e-mail address line so that I can tell them who the winner is! If you don’t want to post a comment, feel free to send me an e-mail instead at bruleeblog@{no-spamming} (remove the stuff between and including the fancy brackets).

2. Talk about this contest on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and post a link to it here in an additional comment. No limits as to how many of these you do.

3. E-mail your friends and have them mention your name when they post their comment.

This contest closes at end of day June 5th and is open to anyone, but please only enter if you can purchase Silver Hills bread in your area as otherwise the coupons will be useless to you.

Free stuff method #2
Get one free bread coupon when you fill out a short survey over at

Disclaimer: I have not been paid anything to promote this product, merely given a sample to review.

Update: As of 2011 I have switched to using Silver Hills bread almost exclusively… my go-to loaf is the Big 16, although I will occasionally pick up some Mack’s Flax. I haven’t been able to try all the options due to lack of available variety in my area.

30 thoughts on “Free bread from Silver Hills, and a review too

  1. OHMY GOSH! I guess we will have another very similar post, soon! I also accepted their offer to review their bread. Where did you find yours. It is carried so many places, but I have had my coupons for 10 days and not found it yet. I was to look until I found it yesterday – but never even got there, I was having such a good time by myself doing other investigations at the market, at Chinz, and Duchess, at my sister’s and finally at the Italian Centre South. Missed you yesterday. DIfferent vendors, a cold day, but got nice as I was leaving. had mom and dad for dinner with all of my finds, but I do want to fulfill my obligation and do this review, too. I didn’t read yours. I couldn’t, or mine will be affected. I will read it once I do mine. (but help me find the bread!)

    • I got my bread at Save-On-Foods but I think Sobeys carries it too. And be warned that you may want to stick your loaf in the freezer not long after you get it as it grows mold fairly quickly (found that out this morning when I went to go make some toast). 😦

      I got your voice mail but didn’t want to call you in case you were too busy – ended up going to the market later due to circumstances beyond my control. Still got myself some yummy asparagus though! And more fiddleheads.

  2. hello – as the Marketing Manager for Silver Hills I wanted to follow up on the comment about our bread going moldy. Since we use no preservatives, and our breads are so nutritiously packed – mold can occassionally be a problem.

    We suggest storing the bread at room temperature (like our mom’s old fashioned bread boxes did) if you plan to eat it in 3-5 days. However, if you won’t eat it within that time, you can double bag it (keeps it moister) and either keep in the fridge, or the freezer (and just take out a slice or two to thaw each day).

    I hope this helps. If you have any other questions – please feel free to contact me directly.


  3. Magharita says:

    I eat Squirrely bread all the time at Sobeys. I find it very tasty. It is not dry like some other high fibre breads, and it is filling. Two slices of Squirrely bread and peanut butter is what I eat every weekday morning for my breakfast. It’s great toasted, and makes a great toasted sandwich because it’s substantial enough to toast without drying out and book-end delicious fillings.

    Since being diagnosed with Diabetes I have been really watching what I eat, so getting the most nutrition and dietary benefit out of my food choices at each meal is important to me. I wasn’t aware that their bags are biodegradable…that is a bonus that makes me feel even better about my choice.

    I noticed the post about the bread going moldy, I haven’t had that problem, but then I go through it fairly quickly, and I keep my bread in a drawer in the fridge, because I find most breads can be prone to mold if left out on the counter.

    I have tried at least one other Silver Hills bread when the grocery store was out of stock of my usual choice, can’t remember which one, I think it might have been the Big 16…it was good too, but I’m a little squirrely for Squirrely. 🙂

  4. Nicole says:

    Hmm. It sounds really yummy- especially the apple flavored one too! I’m always looking for new healthy, high fibre breads, so I’ll have to try this one.
    Thanks for the review!

  5. That is so awesome!! I just found SH bread at the 7th day adventist store near me and I can’t WAIT to try it! Glad to know it’s good and hearty!

  6. Hey there! I came across your blog from Valerie’s, and thought I’d stop by and say HI! I generally eat Nature’s Path Manna bread or Ezekiel bread because I LOOOOVE me some sprouted whole grain bread! 🙂 I’m curious though to try the wheat-free Chia bread. I notice that all the other kinds are made “flourless” but still contain added wheat gluten, which is the element that people who are wheat-intolerant aim to avoid. I wonder if the Chia bread has gluten added to it or not! If it doesn’t, it’ll be an easy favourite for me! 🙂

  7. Absolutly the best i have ever tried….though i’m
    still trying to convince my husband.
    Two of my sisters ,one in Calgary& the other in Cape Breton are still on the look out for this great …great product.Can’t say enough about this
    yummy bread.
    L.D…commercial baker….(in retirement)

  8. I love Squirrely Bread. It is nutritionally wonderful because it is sprouted. There is no added sugar, which is almost impossible to find. What a wonderful bread to send with my son in his lunch kit.

  9. We moved from Edmonton to Toronto last August, and I haven’t been able to find my absolute favorite bread ever, Squirrely and the others in the family.
    Tell me can I get it here? Just love the texture and taste, and the fact that there is so much fiber and good stuff in it. The sesame seeds on the crust are the “icing on the cake”
    Is is possible that Toronto has not been introduced to this wonderful bread? Is there anything I can do?

  10. Carol Bayntun says:

    Just found out about sprouted grain breads online on a new diet I was looking for my diabetic husband. I can also stand to lose a few pounds too but if it tastes this good I can’t see a downside. Found the bread at Sobeys but it is quite pricey. Tried it anyway and it is great. I am looking for sprouted bread flour for when I make a pizza dough. Where do I find it? How do I get free bread coupons?

  11. Britters says:

    I can’t eat Organic Cane sugar so I have to stick to Ezekeil Products as they do not use any for of Sugar. But This is a better option for a lot of people

  12. Huflu says:

    what is the difference between Ezekiel by foods for life and Silver Hills Bakery bread. They all seem the same to me. The basic ezekiel orange bag and squirelly are almost identical?! Am i missing something?

    Thanks guys

  13. Lisa Wall says:

    I love this bread! And I buy mine at Costco, in Calgary and Okotoks. It’s delicious. I’m currently participating in a nutrition program, Precision Nutrition, that has promoted Ezekiel bread, however we can’t find that here in AB. So I did my homework…. I was looking for something sprouted, with lots of fiber, protein, high on nutrients and low on processing. This is it! A very healthy carb. 🙂

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