Adieu Le Gnome

Word has been going around the city about the closing of Le Gnome, one of Edmonton’s long-standing specialty kitchenware stores. They apparently couldn’t come to a new rental agreement, and will be closing at the end of the month. (West Edmonton Mall has been notorious for years for having high rental fees.)

On Friday I had to be at the mall for another reason, so I swung by Le Gnome to see if there were any deals and to say goodbye. This place was one of the first stores I went to when I started to explore cooking. It’s where I bought my garlic press (based on their recommendation), and it’s where I bought my beloved pepper mill. They were often one of the most expensive places in town, and sometimes I felt like they were being a bit condescending when I asked questions, but the range of their selection was always good and their advice was usually right.

Le Gnome

Le Gnome

Clearance sale signs pepper the windows. Lots and lots of people were inside. It was like Boxing Day shopping all over again. The entire store is on sale at 30% off, and shelves were rapidly emptying as people looked for deals. I picked up another Peugeot pepper mill – this time as part of a birthday present for my mother. I also picked up a few gadgets here and there including a couple of dishes. I seriously thought about buying a Le Creuset 6.75 qt or a Staub, but ultimately decided that the discount wasn’t big enough for me to justify it to myself right now. The line up to pay was long and it took about 15 minutes just to reach the cashier.

If you are planning to pick up anything at the sale, I highly recommend going as soon as humanly possible. They were almost out of pepper and salt mills, and whole sets of china were quickly disappearing.

Goodbye Le Gnome. Thanks for everything.

4 thoughts on “Adieu Le Gnome

  1. Finna says:

    My husband gave me a gift certificate from Le Gnome for Christmas and I went shopping there right after. There were no signs up saying they were going out of business and no one said anything. I still have over $200.00 on that gift certificate. Are they opening up any where else in town? Is there anyway I can get a hold of someone from there?

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